A Trans-Global Art Project


The sculptor Gunes Akseki of Art in Environment is creating an angled 10 x 10 x10' standing  acrylic cube in a unique steel frame  which will also serve as its base and balance. On each plane of Mona Lisa Cube will be 4 bas reliefs of the Mona Lisa containing new visual information- striations and other sculptural markings- indicating the passage of 500 years since her birth. Each relief will be painted  differently  in a almost Pop-Art  style. The ML3  will be physically interactive by encouraging  viewers to explore her tactility. Contained within her volume will be meaningful historical data and a hard drive which the public can log-in and leave a message for the future. This work acknowledges the necessity of the preservation of knowledge which may well be the pinnacle of human achievement.

This is not your great-grandfathers Mona Lisa. It is a Contemporary Trans-Global Art Project that draws upon its past historical and artistic significance in tandem with old world traditional techniques used by Gunes during his creating of the 24 bas reliefs. While placing Leonardo along side of La Gioconda we are referencing da Vincis study and understanding of mathematics and the sciences including anatomy, botany, biology, zoology and astronomy. Da Vinci wove these subjects into his work illustrating his genius while forming the basis for MLto look towards a future in which all knowledge will be considered and preserved. This will aid  in the creation of understanding which will further our human consciousness.

The Royal Library of Alexandria, Egypt was destroyed by 4 different armies over a period of about 800 years, with the last attack taking place about 650 AD. This grand container for much of our early advanced thinking​, history and storytelling has been wiped from the face of our world. Void of this information how are we to know if those written about or the scribes who penned these volumes ever to have walked upon and left their footprints on our planet?

This process of bending towards enlightenment- a certain type of consciousness- is one of the messages we are hopeful will be delivered by The Mona Lisa3 Trans-Global ArtProject.



                                                                                                                                 da Vinci Quotes

                                                                                                         "The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding"


                           "                                                                          "The beginnings and ends of shadow lie between the                                                                                                                  light and may be infinitely diminished and infinitely                                                                                                                     increased. Shadow is the means by which bodies

                                                                                                          display their form. The forms of bodies could not                                                                                                                                     be understood but for shadow."                                       









                                                                                     Kindly check back for additional info and images!



The Mona Lisa Cube

Tubular steel frame for Mona Lisawith interior mirrored sphere

                                @ Gunes Akseki Studio